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Why Panoramic

The Panoramic Program Knowledge Organizer helps public agencies to better track and communicate information about the projects and programs they manage.

Panoramic’s integrated feature set organizes and simplifies complex information and display that information in a format that is easily understood by stakeholders, legislators, partners and the public.  This increased transparency leads to better collaborations, enhanced public support and helps to leverage the funding necessary to sustain successful government programs.



program dashboardStreamlines project and program tracking

Panoramic provides a single platform that integrates a range of tools to track, organize, share and map project and program information.

Panoramic’s unique set of features eliminates the need for multiple unrelated databases and excel files.

Helps Leverage Funding

Panoramic’s tracking and reporting features help increase and maintain funding by enhancing the ability to communicate the need for and impact of project funding.

See funding increase with tools designed to communicate need, impact and return on investment.

Turn-key, cloud-based, platform

Panoramic is a web-based, cloud-hosted application that is ready when you are.

Quick set up, low maintenance and no need to develop custom software or install complicated server-based applications.

regional mapProvides simple and effective web-based mapping

Map and visualize your projects using Panoramic’s mapping and GIS tools. Display rich thematic color-coded maps that allow you to see where you are working and investing.

GIS and project-based mapping enhances planning, reveals connectivity between projects and helps to tell your story.

Supports transparency and accountability

Panoramic’s one-click publishing and outreach portal improves transparency, promotes accountability and enhances outreach to citizens and the public.

Increased transparency and accountability  fosters trust and  cooperation among stakeholders, law makers, and the public.

Delivers real-time collaboration

Panoramic provides the tools to share real-time project information with collaborators and partner organizations.

Open and easy access to  accurate, real-time information simplifies collaboration and streamlines project implementation.