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Panoramic is designed for Program Managers who need to plan, track, evaluate, and share information about their program. Panoramic is a web-based system helping organizations communicate the purpose, activities, locations, and accomplishments of their programs. Panoramic provides spatial integration, cross-organization collaboration, performance reporting, an open Application Programming Interface (API) and can be specifically tailored to your program.

Public TransparencyTransparent and accountable
Achieve your organization’s transparency objectives by publishing rich, interactive data to the web in a cost-effective application. Increase accountability and engagement with stakeholders by providing a web-based real-time data management application. With Panoramic, data stewards in any department or agency quickly and easily publish information to promote transparency and accountability. Citizens and stakeholders access real-time, rich, interactive content to stay engaged and up to date.Cloud-based icon

Turn-key, cloud-based, platform
Panoramic is a turn-key application that is configured to meet your organization’s needs. You can be up and running quickly with Panoramic because it is an existing application that offers the flexibility to track the data specific to your organization. With Panoramic, there is no need to develop custom software or install complicated server-based applications. Panoramic is a web-based, cloud-hosted application that is ready when you are.

Publish to the webPublish your program data to the web
Quickly and easily publish your program’s data to the web. Increase stakeholder accountability and transparency by publishing interactive reports, maps, and web pages. Panoramic’s public outreach portals allow your organization to get its data on the web quickly and cost-effectively without building a custom website and maintaining information in a complicated content management system.

Reporting iconReport on your data
Track your project’s and program’s achievements with dynamic, real-time, interactive reports that always show the latest data . Share your progress on the web with stakeholders using aggregate and drill-down reports. Panoramic’s integrated reporting and business intelligence tools allow you to easily track and share your program’s accomplishments.

Connection iconConnect to and summarize data from partner organizations
Connect to partner organizations and summarize, map, and report on multiple organizations data in one location. Data providers from partner organizations enter data in one location. Data consumers at connecting organizations then aggregate data to run reports, create maps, and summarize information.

Real-time collaboration iconReal-time collaboration
Panoramic is a flexible application allowing project or program managers to enter their information one time and have it roll-up into larger project objectives to display results on multiple levels. Project information is available as soon as it is entered, and results are updated dynamically. For project managers this means no more filling out multiple reports and sending them on to various stakeholders knowing they are outdated soon after completion. For stakeholders this means no more receiving multiple reports from various projects and reading through them to compile results.

standardize and verify iconStandardize and validate
Standardize the collection of project attributes to ensure consistent information. Validate the data received to produce accurate reports and maps. Data is incorporated in real-time and is instantly accessible to stakeholders and citizens.

Project Portfolio Management iconManage your portfolio of projects
Panoramic is a project portfolio management system that combines elements of project management, performance management, program management, and content management with sophisticated reporting and GIS functionality. This unique combination of features allows Panoramic to track, report, and map projects in a portfolio to assist with decision making and promote transparency.

GIS Maps iconMap your projects and places
Map and visualize your program’s projects and places using interactive maps. Display rich thematic color-coded maps that allow you to see where you are working  and investing. Share maps to engage citizens and stakeholders with compelling geographic information. Connect to ArcGIS Server basemaps and features via REST web services. Synchronize and connect to your data in ESRI’s ArcSDE.