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The New Mexico Association of Regional Councils (New MARC) has partnered with software development firm, Paladin Data Systems, to explore the use of cloud-based software Panoramic, designed for managing and sharing information about programs and projects significant to New MARC and its partners and collaborators statewide.

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Webinar: New Mexico Cloud-based Project and Program Tracking Case Study
Date: Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST

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New MARC is a network of seven Councils of Government (COGs), each helping to foster sustainable growth and community improvement for New Mexico residents through regional planning, technical assistance to local governments, and the support or administration of multiple programs provided by state and federal government. The members of New MARC share a common mission and oversight responsibility for several statewide programs while also influencing and administering programs and initiatives unique to the individual regions.

New MARC Program Portal
ReachtheNewMARC.com is intended to be a mirror image of COG activity that supports and promotes the work of New MARC by simplifying access to information about programs and projects that exemplify its purpose. The Portal is designed as a platform to display the cumulative contribution of NewMARC and provide the flexibility for each COG to communicate information about programs unique to its region. Panoramic technology allows the COGs to independently enter and manage information into the system’s secure back-end. Once in the system, program and project information is aggregated and displayed at ReachtheNewMARC.com where it is accessible on line to all stakeholders, collaborators and the public. The portal displays information in GIS, list and descriptive formats, and includes a dashboard that displays summary graphs.

The Pilot
The Top 50 Transportation Projects to Support Economic Growth and Quality of Life in New Mexico was a study sponsored by the New Mexico Legislature and conducted by TRIP; the survey identified key transportation projects that are pivotal in stimulating economic growth across the State. This study is a strong example of the need to overlay efforts and optimize resources by comparing variables that often get isolated in their respective departments. It also paints a linked picture ofprojects of local and regional impact that build up into a statewide system that is influenced byboth national and international activity.

For the initial pilot, our intention is to demonstrate the power of the software by incorporating a sample of the diversity of COG related interests that take place throughout the state. One of the key attractions of the portal is its ability to animate an ordinary packet of static information into a variety of dynamic search results that are pertinent to the particular portal user. New MARC is confident that there is a great need for such a resource and will continue in its efforts to provide relevant and accessible information to the benefit of all New Mexicans.