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Transportation Planning

Transportation Planning GIS mapping screenshotRegional transportation project visibility
Regional transportation is composed of hundreds of adjacent and interrelated systems managed by separate agencies, jurisdictions and levels of government. The efficiency and effectiveness of regional transportation relies on the continuity between the different systems and on the ability of the managing entities to coordinate with each other, with stakeholders and with the served community.

Web-based GIS project tracking and reporting
Panoramic provides an unparalleled ability to manage large scale regional planning and implementation of transportation projects.   This one-of-a-kind software combines a unique set of features to track and report on project information across a portfolio of projects and displays information in lists, graphical and GIS formats.

Panoramic provides secure, log-in access for planners or project managers. Project managers can enter data about projects they manage on an ongoing basis and from any location via the web.  Once in the system, the data is organized, queried, mapped, analyzed and made accessible, real-time, to partners, decision makers and the public.

Our clients use Panoramic to manage and organize program areas including transportation, conservation, capital facilities, public works, utilities and others.  Designed to be flexible and easy to use, Panoramic is quickly and easily configured to track metrics, projects and programs unique to a given agency or organization. The software solution delivers the transparency, performance tracking and seamless collaboration vital to the successful execution of programs, plans and initiatives.

Panoramic software supports Washington State’s 14 Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPO) to coordinate the statewide transportation improvement effort that includes hundreds of projects and programs that make up Washington’s transportation future.


Learn more about how Forward Washington is using Paladin Panoramic to track its statewide transportation projects


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