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Natural ResourcesNatural resources management and conservation software
Natural resource management is an inherently complex task requiring the ability to balance resource use with sustained abundance. The ability to visualize and understand resources within a landscape context, one that does not fit neatly into existing jurisdictions and boundaries, is critical to support this task. Successful management of resources depends on the ability to make decisions about the resource base by combining multiple layers of data at various spatial scales.

Web-based GIS project and resource tracking for natural resource managers
Panoramic software is a cloud-based application developed to provide a web-based, GIS integrated project portfolio solution for coordinating, tracking, and reporting on natural resource activities, from planning to development and monitoring. Panoramic empowers natural resource managers with the ability to combine project, reporting, funding, and spatial data into a single platform to support the decision making process.

Panoramic software powers the Habitat Work Schedule (HWS) http://hws.ekosystem.us to support 27 watershed organizations which coordinate and implement projects that protect and restore priority habitats identified in salmon recovery plans.

Learn more about how HWS is using Paladin Panoramic to track salmon recovery related projects.


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