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Conservation GIS mapping screenshotWildlife conservation planning and management
Conservation of fish and wildlife species requires the protection and restoration of habitats that can span vast landscapes and involve hundreds of jurisdictions and stakeholders. The success of these landscape-scale efforts is dependent on coordination among the different jurisdictions, organizations and individuals who have a role in the work or a stake in the outcome.

Web-based GIS and project tracking for conservation planners
Panoramic is a cloud-based software application that provides a single platform necessary for conservation planners to coordinate among jurisdictions at any scale and across the natural extent of a given conservation effort. Utilizing a unique tool set that integrates GIS with project tracking, Panoramic ensures the public transparency necessary to maintain support from funders and to provide information necessary for implementers to achieve the intended conservation outcome.

Panoramic is a state-of-the-art application that powers one of the largest conservation efforts on the planet: TRACS (Tracking and Reporting Actions for the Conservation of Species) http://wildlifetracs.us. TRACS, built with Panoramic technology, provides tracking and reporting for projects and conservation efforts funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 56 states and territories nation-wide.


Learn more about how TRACS is using Paladin Panoramic to track nationwide projects


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