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City planning, project portfolio management and public transparency
Panoramic provides a central platform that offers project tracking and automated web publishing combined in a single solution that is uniquely positioned to support local government jurisdictions, helping governments to better meet their goals and communicate project information to its citizens.

Wide-ranging infrastructure project tracking
Panoramic can be used to track discrete infrastructure projects such as bike lane construction and storm water improvements, large scale capital improvement program, or to publish project outcomes related to long-range planning to the web.

Open government without costly overhead
Transparency, collaboration, and participation are the three cornerstone principles to open government. Panoramic enables jurisdictions to adhere to these principles, while directly saving time and money.

View an introductory video on how Panoramic provides a better way to track and communicate progress of your long range and disaster recovery plans

With Panoramic jurisdictions can automatically share selected project information with citizens 24/7 via the web, and give partners password-protected access to their own custom data views. Real-time dynamic publishing ensures that everyone’s viewing the latest information.

  • One click web publishing
  • Improve collaboration with citizens and external organizations
  • Automated real-time updates
  • Map views of current and proposed projects

Roll up, drill down and track every dollar spent
Panoramic gives government staff the tools they need to track outcomes at a project, initiative and jurisdiction level, so they have visibility into where each dollar is spent. Always know key metrics such as budget, funding source and status across all of the projects in a given portfolio, and how those metrics relate to goals.

Be up and running fast
Panoramic is web-based software that doesn’t require any special hardware or software to be installed or maintained at the client’s location. It also requires minimal setup and involvement from government IT departments.

No capital expense
Panoramic is licensed on an annual subscription basis, and requires no hardware to be purchased, leaving capital expense budgets untouched.

Paladin Panoramic Info GraphicProject tracking tools
Make better decisions about project portfolios by using the smart management capabilities included in Panoramic.

  • Pre-defined and custom reporting capabilities
  • Set, view, sort and report on project status
  • Automated graphs of key metrics
  • Visual project status indicators

GIS for everyone
Panoramic leverages existing basemaps and feature data, by integrating with ArcGIS Server web services and supporting Open Geographic Consortium (OGC) compliant formats – allowing jurisdictions to visualize projects in their spatial context. Without the need for an enterprise GIS system, Panoramic includes topographic, aerial, and street basemaps to get projects on the map without incurring additional expense.

Keep tight control
Panoramic allows users to keep tight control of who can do what in the system, helping maintain security. Control who can perform certain tasks such as: editing projects, uploading documents, and viewing unpublished documents.

Local Government mapping screenshotSecure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Enjoy sophisticated Microsoft® .NET technology without the maintenance headaches.  Panoramic is deployed as a secure hosted solution in the Microsoft® Windows AzureTM cloud.

Works in your environment
Paladin Panoramic is designed to facilitate data integration. Data can be exchanged between applications via web services, file import and export, as well as data sharing between SQL data sources.

Long-range planning made easy
Panoramic is well suited to helping jurisdictions of any size manage long-range or comprehensive planning initiatives. If your State has guidelines or mandates around the planning process, Panoramic helps users collect the required data and automate the reporting process. Panoramic provides a detailed framework and set of tools to improve the efficiency and quality of government planning.

Use Panoramic for long-range planning in areas such as:

  • Land Use
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Housing
  • Stormwater
  • STIP
  • Critical Areas
  • Shorelines
  • Capital Facilities Plan
  • Utilities
  • County Rural Areas
  • Capital Facilities Plan
  • Utilities
  • Urban Growth Areas
  • Building Lands Analysis
  • Lands for Public Purposes and Open Space
  • Corridors
  • Essential Public Facilities
  • County Rural Areas
  • Corridors
  • Transportation

Panoramic, provides the City of Mukilteo a cost effective means to store, display, and share real-time information about projects in the City’s long range Capital Facilities Plan.  Panoramic offered flexibility necessary to easily sync the technology with the City’s planning guidelines and outreach procedures.  And, because Panoramic is web-based and deployed in the cloud, implementation and ongoing system maintenance placed no burden Mukilteo’s technology staff or IT infrastructure.


Learn how City of Mukilteo is using Paladin Panoramic to create efficiencies and transparency in local government


For more information on Panoramic for Local Government call (800) 532-8448 or (360) 779-2400 and ask to speak with one of our local government specialists.