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Conservation of fish and wildlife species requires the protection and restoration of habitats that can span vast landscapes and involve hundreds of jurisdictions and stakeholders. The success of these landscape-scale efforts is dependent on coordination among the different jurisdictions, organizations and individuals who have a role in the work or a stake in the outcome. Read More

Natural Resources
Natural resource management is an inherently complex task requiring the ability to balance resource use with sustained abundance. The ability to visualize and understand resources within a landscape context, one that does not fit neatly into existing jurisdictions and boundaries, is critical to support this task. Successful management of resources depends on the ability to make decisions about the resource base by combining multiple layers of data at various spatial scales. Read More

Transportation Planning
Regional transportation is composed of hundreds of adjacent and interrelated systems managed by separate agencies, jurisdictions and levels of government. The efficiency and effectiveness of regional transportation relies on the continuity between the different systems and on the ability of the managing entities to coordinate with each other, with stakeholders and with the served community. Read More

Local Government
Paladin Panoramic provides a central platform that offers project portfolio management and automated web publishing combined in a single solution that is uniquely positioned to support local government jurisdictions, helping you better meet your goals and transparently communicate project information to your citizens. Read More

Architecture & Engineering
The business challenge for architecture and engineering (for many large global and International) firms today is the ability to access the project information they need as quickly as possible and communicate this information to the project planners and project stakeholders. Paladin Panoramic is a portfolio planning and management tool designed to help A & E firms (Organizations) with complex partnerships to seamlessly plan, manage and govern their assets and projects. Read More