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Q: What is Paladin Panoramic?

A: Panoramic is a web-based application specifically designed for organizations that need to plan, track, evaluate, and share information about their programs to a wide range of stakeholders. Panoramic helps organizations track, manage, and communicate information about the purpose, activities, locations, and accomplishments of their programs and projects. This one-of-a-kind software provides a unique blend of integrated business intelligence and collaboration tools easily understood by all stakeholders. Panoramic features spatial integration, cross-organization collaboration, performance reporting, an open API and can be specifically tailored to your program.

Designed to be flexible and easy to use, Panoramic can be quickly and easily configured to track metrics, projects and programs unique to a given agency or organization.

Q: How is Panoramic sold?

A: Panoramic is sold as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model. Panoramic’s SaaS business model allows organizations to subscribe to Panoramic on an annual or multi-year term. SaaS offers significant benefits to organizations and their IT departments. SaaS solutions allow organizations to subscribe to secure application services via the internet, eliminating the need for your organization to develop, host, or maintain the software.  The SaaS model provides  access to the newest version on an ongoing basis and for a fraction of the cost required for a typical on premise solution

Q: What are the benefits of a cloud subscription?

A: When you use a web search engine to locate information, the program that sifts through the data and produces results is not running on your PC. It and the data are stored and running on computers managed by the search engine. This is Cloud Computing. It means all you need to run the software is a web browser. No servers, no cables through the office, no hardware/software conflicts, and no dread every time a lightning storm forms over the building. As you can imagine, cloud computing saves everyone time and money, and allows us to offer features formerly available only to larger organizations. A cloud implementation of Panoramic allows you organization to access a sophisticated application for a fraction of the price. Data back-up is performed in the cloud, so you never have to worry about losing your data and you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

Q: What conditions and guarantees are made by Paladin’s cloud provider?

A: Detailed information is available via the links to the Microsoft Azure websites below:


Q: What does Panoramic cost?

A: The cost to deliver Panoramic includes two types of fees, Implementation Services and Subscription Services. Paladin offers a wide range of Implementation Services to assist clients in getting the most benefit from using Panoramic technology. Implementation Services are a one-time fee to include program consulting, configuration, and set-up.  The price of Implementation Services is calculated on an hourly basis.

Subscription Services provide ongoing product support, new product releases and hosting services to meet a client’s current and future business needs. Subscription Services include: Hosting, Service Desk, Product Releases, and Product Maintenance. The price of Subscription Services is calculated using the number of Web Applications,  Outreach Portals, and the number of Named Users or Facepages.

Q: How can I learn how to use Panoramic?

A: Learning how to use Panoramic is easy. The user-friendly application allows you to get started fast. To read instructions about how to use Panoramic, visit our support website where you can access the user manual.

Q: Is Panoramic secure?

A: Yes, Panoramic is secure. With Panoramic a Security Administrator defines users, passwords, and security groups. You can control access to areas of the system based on a range of factors, and see a history of all user actions. Our cloud based subscribers will have 3 copies of their data at all times. Panoramic uses Microsoft Window Azure technology to maintain security and integrity.

Q: Who uses Panoramic?

A: Panoramic is used by a wide variety of clients including federal, states, local, tribal governments. Panoramic supports local planning agencies, regional and statewide transportation organizations and host of natural resource agencies at all levels of government.  In addition, Panoramic supports private firms and telecommunication companies.

Q: How do I move forward with buying Panoramic?

A: Easy, call Paladin Data Systems today to learn more about Panoramic – (800) 532-8448 (toll free)