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Panoramic is a cloud based solution and the database is monitored and optimized to ensure it is available and delivering peak performance while virtually eliminating the risk of lost data.  A variety of services are provided with your Panoramic implimentation to make this simple for your organization:

Hosting Services – Paladin allows you to capitalize on the economies of scale and operational efficiencies inherent in our hosting services. We have the experience required to deliver a robust, secure and satisfying online experience.

Server Management Services – Our servers are continually monitored, upgraded and maintained to meet our customers demand. We have the capacity to manage your organization’s data regardless of its quantity or file size, while providing the protection and service needed for storage and maintenance. System hardware replacements and upgrades are automatic and transparent to users.

Application Maintenance – Panoramic can be accessed from any computer with internet connectivity using Internet Explorer 8 or 9. We provide ongoing application monitoring, care and maintenance to ensure Panoramic is available and optimized for peak performance.

Network Management Services – We deliver a secure, consistent, high performance service that helps alleviate complexity and mitigates risk to your organization. We proactively monitor our networks availability and take corrective action when necessary. This service includes proactive threat detection, superior analysis, and prioritized response to reduce network security risks to operations, data , and regulatory compliance.

Service Continuity – In the event of disaster, Paladin maintains backups of all data stored for immediate recovery, eliminating the concern of lost or damaged information. Our service restoration involves the rapid recovery of agreed to services that result from an outage or significant degradation of performance, as well as the necessary permanent corrections made to prevent recurrence of the incident by the same source.

Data Replication Services – For organizations who desire to keep a synchronized copy of the Panoramic database on their premise or at another designated location. This service ensures the information is replicated on an agreed upon schedule. The service requires the data replication solution to be developed as part of the implementation process or as part of additional services.