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wildlife tracs: accountability, conservation

Wildlife TRACS


Wildlife TRACS by Panoramic from Paladin
Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration (WSFR) is a program office within the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). WSFR makes grants totaling $500 million to 56 state, territory, and district fish and wildlife agencies via 14 conservation and recreation grants programs.


During a review, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) found that WSFR needed stronger, more defined accountability for its grants programs. WSFR needed to work with partners to measure the effectiveness of its programs and to gauge the impact of their investments.


WSFR chose Panoramic Program Knowledge Organizer to track grants and outcomes. Panoramic met mission-critical requirements:

  • Reporting: ability to report on the outputs and outcomes of WSFR administered grant programs
  • Communication: Improve the collection, use and dissemination of information about grant programs and accomplishments
  • Streamlined: States can use TRACS in lieu of submission of conventional performance reports, making data collection standardized and centralized
  • Mapping: Map and display projects and actions with multiple GIS layers
  • Improved data sharing: Facilitate strategic conservation by open standards, shared data, and networking among the States, Territories and Services
  • Customization options: Look-and-feel, data pick-lists, portal views, and other user specific preferences
  • Public portal: All information published in easy-to-use web portal

Washington State had already used Panoramic to track multiple salmon recovery projects with its Habitat Work Schedule solution. Panoramic was flexible and scalable enough to be used for a national system, covering multiple granting programs.

WSFR worked with Paladin to configure Panoramic to track and report conservation actions and projects funded by the USFWS.

In addition to the custom configuration, Paladin worked with USFWS staff to develop an interface with WSFR’s federal data system of record. The interface allows the state/public facing portion of the system (called Public TRACS) to view selected data from the federal system and display it on a public website.

Additionally, states have the ability to add non-WSFR funded projects and activities into the system to provide a more complete picture of conservation and recreation activities in all 56 states and territories.


Wildlife TRACS or WSFR Conservation Viewer launched in 2014. Paladin provided full training and launch support to the National Conservation Training Center, WSFR staff, and federal and state staff, to be followed by 5 years of support.