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Ristra Panoramic Project Management

Ristra Project


NewMARC (New Mexico Association of Regional Councils) represents 7 Regional Councils across the state. They provide support across jurisdictions for programs including transportation, capital outlay, community development, economic development and water resources.

Panoramic Ristra Project managment


NewMARC faced the unwieldy challenge of distributing state and federal funds across different regional entities and a range of programs. Programs include:

  • Economic development: Main Street revitalization, preservation of historic areas, community and business development, services to the aging and more.
  • Transportation: Roads, trails and public transit.
  • Capital Outlay: Public spaces, clean energy, emergency services facilities, utilities and more.
  • Water Resources: Projects that support water use efficiency, conservation, water quality, and fair allocation of water resources.

Many of these projects span years, with spending across several agencies and regions. NewMARC is charged with making effective spending decisions across these diverse priorities, and tracking each project to ensure a positive outcome. Tracking the success of projects and delivery against published budgets and timelines was an important part of establishing transparency and accountability.

Ristra Panoramic


Paladin’s Panoramic software was selected to manage project data and the public portal. The toolbox of features includes:

  • Visual display of the entire database, using profiles, graphs and maps
  • Communication with the public on the purpose, budge and locations of projects
  • Photos of projects as they progress and outcomes
  • Simplified tracking of projects that may span years or decades
  • Communication and reporting between siloed projects
  • Transparent budgets and spending for taxpayers
  • Trackable outcomes and returns for oversight agencies


Congress and the White House restored funding to PCSRF and funding has continued at many levels.

Ristra’s Panoramic project received an Innovation Award from the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO), as a program that made significant impacts through problem solving and delivery.

Eric Ghahate is community development manager with the North Central New Mexico Development District. “Ristra is a Web portal designed to assist local governments navigate state and federal funding opportunities,” Ghahate explained, “while establishing steady project development and a lasting record of project activity.”  He remarks that politicians, the public and program managers can now access projects easily. “This really gives them a user-friendly tool and a way to look at their data,” Ghahate said.

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Ristra map of projects

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