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Kitsap County, WA Public Works


The Kitsap County Public Works Department needed a better way to connect with constituents. Like many public works departments, they needed to standardize communications across divisions and better collaborate internally on projects and programs spanning multiple divisions.


A well-run and efficient public works department is critical to successful government and industry. A demand for expanded infrastructure plus cost-conscious governments equals a need to efficiently share information about projects and programs, both in terms of citizens and within public works itself. Today’s technology means any public servant can become a communicator and thus a representative of government. That being the case, public works departments at whatever level – municipal or county – are seeking ways to maximize the online dialogue between citizens and government. In addition, public works departments are endeavoring to enhance communication between government workers in the many sections that make up the department as a whole, which will also improve cooperation on work that cuts across public works’ many divisions.


Kitsap County Public Works in Washington state turned Panoramic to better communicate the purpose, activities, locations and accomplishments of its projects and programs – both externally and internally. Here’s how:

  • Panoramic’s cloud-based platform improves outreach to the citizenry. The public can access data in real-time, allowing Kitsap County Public Works to communicate key information regarding projects, programs and public investments
  • By standardizing communication across divisions, Kitsap County Public Works is streamlining its efforts, leading to improved transparency, accountability and collaboration
  • Project managers with Kitsap County Public Works can also access real-time information to coordinate efforts encompassing various divisions

More specifically, Panoramic provides:

  • Built-in security in the form of guarded login access for project managers
  • Simple entering of data about projects that personnel manage on an ongoing basis and from any location on the Web
  • The ability to control content and how it’s presented via data that is organized, queried, mapped and analyzed, and then presented in a dynamic and interactive way for both citizens and staff
  • Enforcement of standards across all of public works, thus ensuring consistent information and data validation essential to producing accurate reports and maps
  • Better searching/filtering to find specific information, saving staff time both in terms of efficiently finding what they need and answering fewer calls from a public now able to look up what it needs
  • Information that is updated regularly and made accessible in real-time to partners, decision makers and the public, meaning less filling out and sending multiple reports to various stakeholders by project managers, and stakeholders no longer receiving multiple reports from various projects

Visit the Kitsap County Public Works portal. Contact us for more information how Panoramic can help streamline your project collaboration.