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Forward Washington


The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and 14 Regional Planning Organizations (RTPOs) manage a transportation network that includes over 65,000 miles of state, county and city roadways; more than 7,600 bridges and structures; the nation’s largest ferry fleet; and more than 30 transit systems.


State legislators rely on input from the WSDOT and 14 RTPOs to set priorities, create transportation budgets and determine future investment strategies.  Yet access to this information was a challenge for the state’s lawmakers who, in the past, have relied on individual agency briefings, static reports and documents and individual project lists to inform budgets, funding decisions, and statewide transportation planning. These methods for communicating information lacked the standardization between jurisdictions, were time consuming to update, and difficult to evaluate during planning and budget discussions.


Panoramic was used to create called Forward Washington (www.forwardwashington.net), a customized web-based tool to present project information to the legislature in real-time.  Panoramic streamlined transportation project management with: Forward Washington GIS map screenshot

  • Simplified comparisons: standardized project information
  • Easier access: diverse information made available in one portal
  • Easier updates: minimize effort necessary to keep the information current
  • Visual presentation: Projects trackable by map


Forward Washington hosts more than 300 projects statewide entered into the system by the state’s RTPOs.  The legislature accesses the information via a single convenient portal, which is also accessible to the public.  The portal allows users to view projects on a map, see detailed project information and search for projects based on predefined project attributes or project characteristics.


  • Simplifies access to project information
  • Supports outreach to constituents
  • Supports funding and budget discussions


  • Less time compiling and presenting information
  • Eliminates need to produce annual statewide report on priority projects
  • Stakeholders and the Public
  • Provides instant access to project information

“From a RTPO perspective, Forward Washington is a tool that enables us to communicate regional priorities and current project information in a consistent manner statewide.”

Page Scott, Executive Director
Yakima Valley Conference of Government