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Case Studies

Ristra Panoramic

Ristra Project
Ristra was created for New MARC, a network of 7 Councils helping to foster sustainable growth and community improvement for New Mexico residents through regional planning, technical assistance to local governments, and the support of multiple programs provided by state and federal government. Read More


Habitat Work Schedule
Panoramic tracks data and manages the public portal for the  Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund.  Citizens can access reports from the WA Department of Fish and Wildlife and 30 local organizations. Agencies collaborate, share data, and report their successes in salmon recovery.  Read More

Kitsap Public Works

Kitsap County Public Works
Kitsap County Public Works in Washington State uses Panoramic to better communicate the purpose, locations and outcomes of its projects and programs – both externally and internally. Citizens can track spending, progress, photos, maps and timelines. Read More


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