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Mukilteo Lights the Way to Lean Operations


When the City of Mukilteo was faced with dwindling revenues, Mayor Joe Marine challenged city staff to be creative, to do more with less, and to find ways to increase efficiency of operations.

Chief among the city’s challenges were the loss of staff resources and institutional knowledge, badly outdated technology infrastructure and a growing need to improve transparency with the public. As part of this charge, Mukilteo began working with Paladin Data Systems to implement new technology that would simplify tracking and communication of the city’s long-range capital improvement efforts.

The solution, Paladin Panoramic, provides Mukilteo a cost-effective means to store, display, and share real-time information about projects in the city’s long range Capital Facilities Plan.  Panoramic offers the flexibility necessary to easily sync the technology with the city’s planning guidelines and outreach procedures.  And, because Panoramic is web-based and deployed in the cloud, implementation and ongoing system maintenance places no burden on Mukilteo’s technology staff or IT infrastructure.

Read the whole Case Study here or contact Paladin for more information.



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