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A Scorecard for Public Engagement


Engaging citizens with policy-making is critical to creating projects that the public understands and supports. This kind of civic engagement is important from the idea stage through implementation.  City and county managers already know the value of public engagement  – public support can make or break a project. Now the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership gives local agencies a tool to grade their own effective public engagement using a scorecard of 20 practices that encourage citizen participation.  Cities that measure up against these 20 goals may qualify for a Platinum award.  Entitled “How are WE doing?,” this evaluation tool is both a set of recommendations and potential bragging rights when cities meet all 20 criteria.

Of course, engaging citizens and stakeholders in planning and communication throughout a project requires an investment of time and resources that can challenge budget-strapped agencies. Tools that manage projects and communication more efficiently are essential to making engagement possible.  Panoramic from Paladin Data facilitates this kind of transparency and communication with a fast, cost-effective, stable and secure toolset.   Panoramic increases accountability and engagement with stakeholders by providing a web-based real-time data management application. With Panoramic, data stewards in any department or agency quickly and easily publish information to promote transparency and accountability. Citizens and stakeholders access real-time, rich, interactive content to stay engaged and up to date. Project information is available as soon as it is entered, and results are updated dynamically.  Projects can launch quickly because Panoramic is a turn-key application hosted in the cloud that doesn’t require capital investment or extensive set-up time.  The result is an affordable, agile solution to civic engagement.

Read more about the engagement scorecard at Governing or go to the Davenport Institute to check “How are WE doing?” against your agency’s work.

Learn more about Panoramic here or schedule a demo to see how Paladin Data can help your agency achieve your engagement goals.



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